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moth fight interview- john

January 7th, 2010

tumblr_mothfightIt is as cold outside as our showcase on Saturday at Beauty Bar is free. (Very.) Kevin Attics from Moth Fight was kind enough to reply to our query email interview and it is about time I posted the exchange here on the site.  Moth Fight is without a doubt one of the most captivating bands in Texas and 2010 holds big things for them.

Read on:

Q: A good friend pointed out to me that your band is listed as Mothfight, Moth!Fight! and MothFight on ShowListAustin… which one is it? and why are there all these variations?

A: It’s Moth Fight. Anything else is just bad syntax.

Q: I see that you guys have been tweeting and have recently started up a  Tumblr page. Way to embrace “social media” or whatever. The Tumblr images are great and seem to fit right in to the Moth Fight imagery. I picture these all being on a folder on your desktop for the past several years and now you are sharing them with the good people of the internet… Do you use the pictures as points of reference in songwriting?

A: I’d say that the media we post on our site informs what we do. The page really started as an effort to exchange ideas with our friends, like Awthum Empire. It turns out, though, that there are people star-specked across the globe who’ve been constructing [their art] on the same aesthetic foundation.

Q: There have been several lineup changes in the past it seems like, what is the current incarnation of the band these days?

A: Right now there are three of us. It’s difficult to suddenly be without three people who’ve been such an integral part of your sound for the past two years but we’ve been playing this new set of songs for about six months and we’re feeling pretty confident about what we’re doing right now.

Be sure to catch Moth Fight alongside DJ Car Stereo (Wars), The Laughing, and All My Friends Saturday at Beauty Bar.  The show is free.

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