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commodoredatassetteThe first ever Pretty Nice Haircut party at Creekside was a blast on Saturday night! Thank you to all who came to check out the great music and especially for those who cut a rug to the dance party portion of the evening I had the luxury of playing dj for! Fact: every night should end in a room of people getting down to Twisting by They Might be Giants.

Dirty Dancing started the evening off with their remarkably lo-fi double guitar riffs and harmonies that evoked Interpol and most all of K Records. The iTunes run drum and click loops were the bare minimum of what they needed to be, and managed to be changed up enough to make each song refreshingly different from the last, which can be tricky with such a minimal setup. The guitar playing boy/girl duo played amidst an assortment of creepy children’s mannequins and consistently created a sea of noisy sound. Their set closed with a Gun Club cover, which lent itself to aggressive screaming and was perhaps the most engaging the group was.

Many Birthdays, (not ‘Mini’ Birthdays as they were sure to clarify) was impressive in that they were truly having fun yet being incredibly serious about their technically extraordinary songs. Across the board- Many Birthdays are as proficient at their instruments as they are their Japanese. Their dark songs swept blasts of sound in and out that layered upon themselves for a completely solid set. Every single sampler, keyboard and guitar pedal that was piled onstage was amazingly well utilized.

grace-tapeCUSTODIAN began their show several minutes before they actually performed music by splitting up and subtly interacting with the crowd on the outside patio, in the crowd and out on 7th street. Adreon Henry donned his customary janitorial Dickies jumpsuit and sadly swept all around in character of a cleaning crewmember, while Jen Bradley popped her gum and walked around flaunting her ‘better than thou’ stage persona. Eventually the two found their way to the stage and proceeded to make innovative and fun songs out of elements from everyone from the Blow to Kurtis Blow. The live show is truly meant to be experienced in person and not read about on a mediocre web log, but rest assured that there are props, cupcakes and a horse head prompting one girl next to me to utter to herself that “this is the strangest thing I have ever seen.” What’s this? A maintenance man rapper with a horse head Darling Darling style isn’t commonplace in your household? CUSTODIAN is truly more than old school rap novelty; there is something meaningful happening with the issues that are being artfully addressed. I’m not certain if I understand it the way that I am intended to, because right when I think I have the message figured out, a new prop is brought out and posed or a new costume is worn. CUSTODIAN keeps the audience on their toes thinking about how exactly the janitor and the party girl characters are intended to fit together. Ultimately, they put on a great show complete with the juggling of sponges and threats of car theft. Be sure to check them out when you can! I’m sure clubs will be eager to get them in their venues because when they leave, the place is spotless and smells like generic Windex.

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